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Join us for the exhibition of Drifter, a collection of hand illustrated works by Adrianne Dimitrakakis opening at Newrybar Merchants on Friday 4 October from 5-8pm.

Based in Byron Bay, Adrianne is the artist behind Atlas The Collective – a collection of hand illustrated maps from alluring places around the world, palm trees and all things that are inspired by a nomadic life.


Drifter is built on the exhibition that Adrianne started in 2016. Since then she has been building on her map illustrations and her travels. Her exhibition celebrates worldly travels and bringing a piece of that home.

“Drifter explores the journey that is travelling, wandering from place to place, finding a new home – wherever it is you choose to lay your bag,” Adrianne says.

“Travel is a way to help us expand our minds, keep us feeling alive and learning new ways of life. They say it’s the only thing you can buy that makes you richer - we gain better knowledge into different cultures, we try seeing the world through different eyes to gain a new perspective on the way others live. Celebrating our differences by taking mementos and photos of these travels home with us. A story for us to tell our loved ones and serve as reminders for ourselves of that feeling in that moment.” 


Adrianne is an artist and graphic designer, who finds inspiration from living by the sea and through her extensive travels. Now she has found herself living in Byron Bay and within this collection you’ll find maps of local areas in the Byron Shire. Places she loves in her new found home. Drifter also pays homage to her Greek heritage, which has greatly influenced her work.


In all these pieces, whether it’s new original artwork on paper, the vintage French linen fabric wall hangings or African mudcloth wall hangings - Drifter is about connecting the past and all it’s rich history with the future. 

“It’s about traveling the world and taking a piece of each place back home with you. Always to keep exploring. whether that’s places near or far. Celebrating where we’ve come from, where we’ve been and where we’ve made our home. Designed to be a true keepsake of your travels to hang on your wall, reminding you to keep exploring on land or in water,” says Adrianne. 

Of choosing vintage fabrics, Adrianne says: “For love of the old and worn - they have character. The fabric tells a story of its past life, of those who came across before you and those who have crafted it by hand. No two the same - the perfectly imperfect.”


Drifter by Adrianne Dimitrakakis will open at Newrybar Merchants on Friday 4 October from 5-8pm and exhibit until 4 December 2019.