Newrybar Merchants welcomes lifestyle, food and travel photographer, Alicia Taylor, to the line up Pop-Up Artists for the month of January 2019.

Her exhibition Above & Below is an evocative collection of images layered on top of one another to create new dialogues and relationships between the Australian landscape, sky, seaweed, shadow and the limbs that denote a physical presence.


There is nothing fast about the creative process. Six years ago, Alicia Taylor photographed an incredible storm in Tasmania sparking a desire to use the image as part of an art piece.

“The idea lay dormant until I photographed a woman swimming in Fiji two years ago, and then I decided to merge these images” said Alicia.

 For someone who makes a living through the medium of photography she found the leap to creating her own work deeply challenging.

 Aware that the ‘fear’, or the ‘desire’ to please another stops us from pushing through our boundaries, Alicia made the mental shift to let go and rely on her intuition. Tuning to something elemental she became aware of how emotion could be communicated through image.

Alicia Taylor

Alicia Taylor

“Life can be volatile just like the weather, hence my using the sky as one of my subjects. Water, on the other hand, can be very calming and by combining with images of people in water a certain tension, a dynamic is created.” Alicia Taylor

Alicia’s work focusses on light and composition, the ability to add colour, depth and creative tension in the positioning of the limbs – sometimes awkward, sometimes fluid and evocative.


 “It is a remarkable photographic debut drawn out of a desire to marry the different worlds of earth and sky, each with their particular volatilities and energies, merging in a seamless image that finds a link in the human element.” Karen McCartney - editor and author.

 In Alicia’s own words, “This series encompasses the complexity that makes the human journey. The change we push through, float, reach or finally ground ourselves in.”


Above & Below will exhibit at Newrybar Merchants for the month of January 2019, with an opening on Saturday 5th January from 2pm.