Liana McCluskey is a local photographer intent on shining a spotlight on the beauty in our every day.

Her photographic works comprise of interesting composition and texture highlighting the beauty in 'common' Australian landscapes, while slow shutter speeds capture the grace of the ocean in a way not often achieved with static imagery. 

Her exhibition will feature a mixture of tiny art prints and oversized photographs, all chosen to demonstrate the beauty in the mundane as well as the spectacular.  Her work invites you to peer a little more closely; to see the beauty which is so often invisible to us unless we consciously choose to see.


Deep at Fingal.jpg

Liana is passionate about the environment and our constant exchange with our natural world.  The trees around us literally provide us with life, the oxygen we breathe. Consider this a moment ...  and it works both ways.  The same trees rely on our exhale.  This relationship is phenomenal, and she supports it with 10% of profits supporting environmental projects protecting our landscapes and oceans.

A self taught photographer, Liana moved away from portraiture towards landscape and macro photography during a challenging time in her personal world.  Paring things back and focusing on the natural beauty in every moment was the perfect remedy.  She lives in Northern NSW with her four children, and photographs locally as well as on the road while touring our amazing countryside.  She is passionate about interior spaces and enjoys exploring neutral tones and textures with her camera in hand.