Join us for the exhibition of ‘Taboo’, a series of original works in oil and acrylic polymer by Northern NSW based artist Meg Walters, opening at Newrybar Merchants on Friday 2 August from 5-7pm.

Taboo is a word of Polynesian origin meaning; forbidden by social customs, and the collection of works explores the nature of how conversation is restricted in our modern age.


Perceived as paradise, the Polynesian islands remain an escape from the modern world; a safe haven from the world's problems.  Slowing down enough to have honest conversations with ourselves and others is embodied in the heart of this exhibition.


“Stigma still dictates how we live our lives and how we connect with others.  Most of all, how we connect with ourselves.  As our world becomes faster paced, we lose touch with each other and the language of relationships dwindles as words are lost between us.  The ability to connect is what makes us human. What do we have left when we lose this?” Meg explains.


Originally hailing from the sub-tropical island of Bermuda, Meg pursued a degree with Chelsea College of the Arts, London, before venturing after sunnier pastures.  Her love of the outdoors took her to Australia where she ultimately left behind one of the worlds' smallest islands in favour of its largest.  It was at Newcastle University that she completed a Bachelor of Art and Design, specialising in Botanical Illustration.  

Meg went on to work in the music industry in Sydney for eight years, shaping the careers of artists such as Safia, Alison Wonderland, I Know Leopard, Woodes and many more.  The pull of the outdoors beckoned and she and her husband moved up to Northern NSW in 2017 to start a family.

 Since then Meg has returned to her studies, with a focus on painting at the Byron School of Art, now in her second year.  She's had a sold-out exhibition in Bermuda along with a number of group exhibitions in Australia.


‘Taboo’ by Meg Walters will exhibit at Newrybar Merchants from Aug 2 – Oct 2 2019.